#A2Council Winner for 2020/07/27

#A2Council Winner for 2020/07/27

Photo credit: Aaron Hockley, copyright

During public comments, Dave DiVarti noted the cost of the affordable housing millage to homeowners is a couple cappuccinos or pints of beer a month per $125,000 of taxable value. Twitter user @mbrovan then noted that this helped her understand the millage better.

User @_atfoster expanded on this idea further:

@mbrovan is this Weeks’ Winner

I misattributed the millage-to-beer conversion in a Twitter poll, but was corrected and all is well. @mbrovan gets credit for adding this idea to the #A2Council hashtag. She is this week’s winner of #A2Council!

Honorable Mention

This goes to @xMegaMichellex for her suggestion of providing an alternate City Council video stream using puppets. I hope this idea is realized in some form. (Read more from Michelle.)