City Council Items for 2020-08-17

Consent Agenda – Look for CA-6 to maybe get pulled. At some point, this was supposed to be the site of a U-M parking ramp with a new train station tacked onto it. With U-M putting new parking decks next to the Kellogg Eye Center, plans for the new station are on the back-back burner now. Anyway, this parking lot is technically park land. Look for CMs to make a kerfuffle out of it before approving the parking lease.

CA-9 is a sidewalk gap, but it is on Boardwalk Drive. That is all businesses. Not sure if any CM will make noise about it since big, evil businesses are always flush with cash unlike innocent single-family homeowners. Somewhat curiously, no hyperlink for this agenda item. Those usually include another link to more details such as a map of where the sidewalk gaps are getting filled. That seems to be missing this time.

Three public hearings on rezoning the Big Boy/Red Roof Inn combo building from a PUD to C3 fringe commercial. If you’re wondering why a hotel-restaurant was a PUD and why it needs to be rezoned so a different hotel and restaurant can be put there, well, welcome to the absurdities of current zoning codes. There might be some grumblings about not being able to extract a ‘public benefit’ by rezoning from a PUD. There were some protestations regarding the messed up car traffic flow around US-23, Plymouth, and Green last time this came up. Expect those to be raised again before being approved. It’s a reasonable ‘upgrade’ of the site.

Then we get Public Hearing number 4, more hotels! But this time on the west side near Jackson and I-94. Apparently, this is far enough away from single-family homes to not require neighborhood meetings and Gelmane Plume concerns.

If you’re wondering why there is a recent surge of hotels springing up around Ann Arbor, you’re not alone. Perhaps hotels are considered a safe place for investors to park money for now? If you have any insights, let us know.

The final item of interest is the purchase of Lurie Terrace by the Ann Arbor Housing Commission. This is co-sponsored by Mayor Taylor and CM Hayner. (I wonder if they worked out the details over email.) Anyway, it looks like a good opportunity to expand affordable senior housing options in the City.
That’s all that jumps out for me. Remember to follow #A2Council and check back here for updates.